Thursday, October 19, 2006


Right now I'm eating my lunch at my I'm actually posting on my own time rather than the norm. SHhhh! I'm drinking a Mountain Dew, which is actually quite disgusting! How did I ever drink this!!!??? Like all high school kids, I lived on the I avoid it like the plague! The other night I was drinking a Sunkist (oh Yummy! Orange!!) and my friend and I decided to compare the Nutrition Facts....All around Mountain Dew was actually better! Sunkist had way more sugar and calories. How depressing!

The only reason I'm drinking the Dew is because I'm lazy. We have a fridge full of free soda in my office for clients and staff. Well, its slim-pickins and I don't want to walk down a flight of stairs to buy one! So I sit here and!

Thank you KneuroKnut for reminding me that I needed to update the sister situation.

Things have progressed, however we have yet to meet. I'm not pushing the subject because I don't want to force myself on her! I'm not a stocker! She's in volleyball right now so her schedule is pretty packed but I'm sure it'll happen. As of right now we're basically e-mail buddies. Soon...
I've been trying to get out of her whether or not she's told her Dad about being in contact with me. I don't want him left in the dark! If she did tell him, what was his response?? I'm curious!

I wasn't going to tell my older about it quite yet. I was going to ease him into it. In the past when I'd mention Marki he'd show no interest. I was talking with him on the phone on Sunday night and it just seemed right. When I told him the story he was immediately interested, which was far from what I thought he'd do. He pulled up her website and instantly said, "Wow! She looks exactly like you!"

I told him I'd keep him in the loop and "maybe one day you'll meet her too!" He was totally cool with!

I also talked to my cousin Shelly, who is from that side of the family. She is really the only person I keep in touch with on that side of the family. She actually lives nearby Marki...all these years! They live on the same lake, in the same bay! She was going to ask her kids, who are the same age as Marki, if they knew her. They go to different schools, but her kids hang out with a lot of kids from Marki's school too.

Wouldn't it just be the weirdest thing if Shelly's kids knew Marki all this time???

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