Monday, October 30, 2006

Such A Long Road

Back on August 2nd I wrote "Long Distrubing Road." I couldn't, and still can't go into detail about the ordeal. It's something that we've tried not to let consume our lives, but it seems every time we relax a little it comes back to haunt us some more.

In this ordeal we have done nothing wrong and have tried to move on dispite its huge effect on our family. To give a little more of an explanation, it's a family fight on my husband's side. He's directly the focus of the ordeal and it has split the family completely in half. The nastiest of things have been said, presumed, and told to people outside the family.

The fight is over something that supposedly happened over 20 years ago. Family members that my husband was extremely close to have turned on him, and anyone that has stood behind him. His grandmother is devestated and completely depressed because not only has she been disowned by that side of the family but because her family has turned into a war zone. She lives for her family and she just can't grasp that her own daughter and grandkids could be so harsh and nasty.

This all started at the end of July. For the first month it consumed our lives, but as time has gone by we've been able to set back into a routine of ignoring it. We have agreed to not give them the satisfaction of letting it ruin our lives....they can dwell on it and live their own unhappy lives.

Yesterday my husband received a letter from his aunt. I never read the entire letter, but what I did read explained why he was so upset. Our decision to let them stir in their own maddness has led them to believe that he's scared to confront them. This couldn't be further from the truth! He's not confronting them because he doesn't want to give them the light of day...he knows what they're saying is a complete lie and that regardless of what he says they'll never take his word for it.

So with that...our emotional rollercoaster has hit another peak. My husband spoke to his mom last night, who in turn discussed it with her husband. When this all started he spoke to an attorney for us, and told us that if need be he would pay for one. Well with some of the threats that were in the letter from his aunt has officially sent things in motion, and unfortunately a case of slander is in the works. She is out to ruin my husband, and in turn destroying our family...she's made countless little jabs and now we have to come back with a full-force punch to the gut.

We don't want to do this...we just really want the truth out and so everyone can move on! But we don't see that happening and we simply need to protect ourselves and our livelihood!

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