Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I'm having one of those days again....I can't catch up and my blood is boiling. I took my meds this morning, however I didn't eat until about 5 minutes ago.

My morning consisted of:

*No time for shower (ick!)

*Whiney 2 year old wants to watch "George" and once it's in and started, "NO!!! Bambi!" The screaming is enough to send me over the edge, so I comply to her demands.

*Have to practically sit on child to get her dressed....and she refuses to have her matted hair done.

*Leave house half-hour late...going to be late for work, again.

*2 year old has a melt down when I leave her at daycare.

*Get to work 19 minutes late....not as bad as I had thought.

*Desk is a complete disaster and I'm not ready for the accountant today. While racing to get things together, stuff starts falling off my desk. MY DESK IS TOO SMALL!

*Important fax won't go through, keep getting busy signal....fuck 'em they can call for it again and I'll tell them it's their own damn fault.

*The more I try to calm down and CHILL OUT, the more pissed off I get! At what? God only knows!

I'm feeling better now...it just won't take much to put me back to where I was though. I need to stear clear of Mrs. Stupid Questions and Mrs. The World Doesn't Go My Way.

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Jonathon said...

Eeek. I felt like that for two solid months when I'd taken a second job at night. Now that it's finally over, I can remember what it's like NOT to feel stressed/overworked/generally pissed off.

Sorry you're having a rough day!