Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm MMMmmelting!

I can't get over this damn cold hot cold! Trust me I love the hot but I could really do without the cold. Over the last couple weeks we've been teased with winter weather...flakes falling from the sky sending everyone into their winter depression.
In Minnesota winter can start in June if it sees the need. You can plan a beautiful June wedding and have it ruined by 45 degree weather...I've never witnessed it, but I'm pretty sure it's happened.

In 1991, October 31st brought more than trick-or-treaters to your door, it brought 28+ inches of the white stuff. I remember my dad's electricians sleeping all over our house because they couldn't get home after work.

Why am I ranting about the weather like some nitty old lady with nothing better to do...well, I'm actually happy about the weather right now. This morning when I came into work it was FREEZING, but just now I had to run work errands and it took everything in my body to come back! I was in Target when it hit me, I was sweating like a fat man in a suana. Did help that I had my wool pea-coat over my polar fleece....(the skinny clothes were packed away last week...time for the winter fatties!)

Sadly, by the time I get outside'll probably 40 degrees and cloudy again.

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