Tuesday, December 19, 2006

31 Months

Yesterday you turned 31 months. I know I should stop counting months, but each one is so different from the last- I can't help myself!

Right now you're standing beside me coloring on your new easel dry-erase board that you got from "Santa" while at Grandma and Papa's house on Sunday. We celebrated Christmas a week early because Grandma, Papa, and Uncles Mitch & Matt are going to Mexico again this year. Celebrating a week earlier is actually a lot easier on me and your daddy, but it also drags out the fun for you. You just drew an actual heart, more like a kidney but you were pretty happy to call it a heart.

In the last month you have challanged your dad and I to no end. We're still dealing with sleeping issues...if you would only sleep in your bed, the world would be a brighter place each morning! Last week I swore I was going to outlast you, and all I got was a trip to the Chiropractor. For a full 30-minutes I stood outside your bedroom door waiting for you to step outside your room. When you did, I picked you up and put you back in your bed without saying a word. It broke my heart and maybe a little giggle each time you had a plea,

"Mama I'm Happy!"
"Mama I'm Beary Happy!"
"Mama I Cry No More, k?"
At one point you grabbed my hand and said, "Let's Talk" and you took my hand and led me to the staircase... just as I had done to you only 40-minutes earlier.
No matter how bad I wanted to give in, I knew that if I let you win I'd never hear the end of it from your dad. After a half-hour your dad took over standing guard at your door. Within 15-minutes you were fast asleep in his arms. You were physcially exhausted.
Watching the wonders of the Christmas Holiday through your eyes is exactly what makes life worth living. You gasp at the sight of Christmas lights, and when you see anything remotely Christmas-like you shout, "Christmas!"
I can't wait for Christmas...you are going to be so much fun to watch.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Fear of Santa

MacKenzy talks a big game when people ask her if she's told Santa what she wants for Christmas. She will say that she asked for "Dora presents!" Her actual response to the jolly old man was to glare at the floor while burning signs of the devil into floor. So far all of her photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny have included one or both of us.

Why do we subject ourselves, not to mention the kids, to this misery? It's not funny while we're standing in line for two hours watching each and every kid in front of you wig out! You know you're kid isn't going to be any different, yet we wait.

Hence! The reason we don't go to the mall Santa, but to Bachman's where there are floral displays so there is still chance of a good Christmas card shot! Their Santa is awesome, but until she thinks he's a cool guy we'll be sticking to the other displays!

The following shots are for your humor, not to mention my own. I found them on a site that strictly posts 'freaked out by Santa' shots. What's funny to me is actually looking at Santa, not the kids!

There's SUCKER Santa....some poor old man thought it would be fun to play Santa and look what he gets for it!

Gumpy Santa: I'm surprised the kids in this photo aren't screaming their heads off with this guy! He looks like he could use a nap.

Criminal Santa: This guy looks like he should be in a police line-up.

Maybe this is his disguise!

The evil Santa: I'm crying too!

There's Strung Out Santa: GET OFF THE CRACK SANTA!

Can't forget Elephantitus Santa!

Crying Santa: He's looking for a new gig!

And then the REAL Santa!

Only the REAL Santa could laugh with his lap full of screaming children!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Nice Socks!

Enough Is Enough

Okay so I'm having a hard time with this Kid Sleeping In the Wrong Bed escapade. My problem isn't so much with MacKenzy, she's two...but it's with Jason.

He is far from patient and it's all MY fault. Last night was a prime example of his inability to take a deep breath and realize that it's not going to be like this forever, nor is it the end of the world! MacKenzy and I went to bed around 8:30. I was going to start following the advice of a reader and that meant I was to lay with her until she fell asleep and then transfer her into her own bed once she was out cold. It didn't happen as quickly as I hoped so at 9:30 Jason joined us in the bed giving me the silent treatment. This is his way to inform me that he's angry with me. The fun part is trying to figure out WHY! I can only assume one of two things...our friend Chris came over unexpectedly and naturally it's my fault because he wanted to spend a quiet night at home. The other thing is that I went into the bedroom with MacKenzy rather than sit out in the living room with him...though he watches TV in the bedroom all the time. I guess that's only okay for him. Come On! I was watching Dora the Explorer! Not really my idea of a relaxing time!

Once he came to bed MacKenzy was still a little squirmy and I did my best to keep her close to me so as to not set him off. Within 5 minutes of him laying down with us he freaked and took her to her room. After about another 15-20 minutes of her screaming he went back in and told her she could sleep on our floor...with her mattress. She was game for that! As he set his mattress down he started in on me, "Why do I have to always be the bad guy!"

"Because you flip out and the things that bother you don't necessarily bother me!"

MacKenzy begged me to lay down on her mattress with her and to keep Jason from flipping out again, I crawled beside her. I could hear him mumbling something to the fact that I always give her her way...blah blah blah! I just ignored him and within 5 minutes MacKenzy was out cold and I climbed back into bed. She slept the entire night without a peep.

This morning when he got up she woke up but was really happy and was saying, "Morning Daddy!" with a hug grin on her face. He simply made a half-hearted smile and said, "Morning Kenzy."

I'm starting to think both Mommy and Kenzy need to get a bed in Kenzy's room. What a baby!

This isn't something new either, it all started from the day I brought her home the hospital. If you are a male or a female that has never nursed a child, you have absolutely no right to comment on anything related to my boobs or the child's eating!! And you have no right to comment on me falling asleep during the night feedings!!

Jason would get so pissed when I'd fall asleep on our reclining couch while nursing MacKenzy. He would say that I was going to make it so she wouldn't sleep on her own..blah blah blah! Looking back on it I should have said that he had to get up with me for every feeding and keep me awake if that was such a worry of his. I was exhausted, and until you've done it you have no idea how draining it is! And despite it all I will do it all over again!

Funny thing is, the sleeping in our bed thing was started by Jason...or so in my opinion it was. Jason usually gets at least one day a week where he doesn't have to go into work and on those days he keeps MacKenzy home. Over the summer they'd crawl into our bed to watch TV or a DVD together. It was quickly learned that if she slept in her room her naps were an hour or so, but in our bed they were usually about 3 hours! Daddy got a nice long nap or got some computer time. I can't say that I'm completely innocent, but truly it started with Dad.

So here we are...Jason isn't talking to me for whatever reason. And our kid's sleeping patterns are all messed up!!

Yippee for the weekend!!!

Mommy needs a break for crabby Daddy and needy Kenzy! When that happens she's be 18 and he'll finally have learned....or so I can only hope!