Sunday, October 22, 2006

Senior Photo

My sister replied to my questions about telling her father and...

She hasn't told him.

She claims that she hasn't had any alone time with him. She said that only her oldest sister is aware of the fact that she is adopted, so it's not exactly something she can talk openly about. I basically said, the sooner the better. The longer she keeps it from him the more it turns into dishonesty....she needs to tell him.

A friend of her's mother took some pictures of her for some senior photos...and she said that if she didn't like them she'd have them professionally done. I think this one shot is perfect if you ask me!

I have to hunt my senior photo down so you can see the comparison...I told her that I hate her perfect teeth and that she had better had braces!

As far as meeting her, I won't until I know her father knows about everything. I don't want him to find out on his own and be angry with her, or me!

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