Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I need a change...I've been down in the dumps and I'm really getting sick of it. The depression thing is getting to me....while the anxiety seems to be getting better- go figure! The weather isn't helping matters. Seattle Minnesota. I can handle the cold if there's sun...but we've been flirting with snow flurries since last week and I'm not ready! Winter is just too depressing! Come into work it's dark....leave work it's dark. The light of day completely passes me by while I sit at my desk.

I've been playing with the idea of changing up my hair...drastically. Right now I have a very non-committal style...long, with a few layers, and highlights. I've grown out my bangs again because the fuss was too much...and now I'm actually debating cutting it all off and having to fuss with it daily! Fussing with short hair can't be anything like my mop! Yes I can always pull it back into a pony or frump, but I tend to do that all the time! I'm lazy! I want my hair done NOW...I don't want to blow dry it for the next 10 minutes!

So here's the picture I'm looking at:

Some of the people I've showed say it's too drastic, and others are saying to go for it....I'm feeling GO FOR IT is the best answer. I know my husband won't be pleased, but he'll get over it. He likes my long flowing hair. Barf!

This picture was taken in March, but illistrates exactly how i wear my hair on a daily basis (and actually is how I am exactly wearing my hair at this moment). It's pulled strait which I have too high of a forhead but who wants to bother with annoying bangs. In this photo it's pulled into a pony, most of the time it's in what I call a frump....a partly pulled-thru pony.

blah blah blah blah! That is exactly how I feel- BLAH! To get past this funk I need to do something...I need to try something new. It's only October, how the hell am I going to make it until April or even May!!!!?

We've been discussing spending Christmas with my parents and younger brothers in Cancun this year. It's not my idea of a Christmas, but paying pennies on the dollar makes it so appealing! And the much needed sun and warmth is the deal maker. We are still trying to figure out how much it'll cost us and that will be the deciding factor! Either way....we're going to Orlando in April to see Jay's mom and her husband, so we'll warm up eventually!

To new looks and sunny days!

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KneuroKnut said... your blog. What happened to your other one? It's dissapeared and I really wanted to find out if you heard from your sister!

I cut my hair very similar to the photo you posted and I love it. It was drastic and my husband also missed my hair but even he recognized the true beauty that emerges when a woman feels good about herself. Go for it! Worst case scenario is that you have to grow it out again.