Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Who Is In Charge? YOU!

MacKenzy you are 3 years and 4½ months old…and Holy Crap you wear me out! You turn left when I’m going right and you have already figured me out! You’re prepared my answers to your questions with rebuttals! You have already learned to negotiate!

Over the last few weeks I’ve had the misfortune of experiencing what I put my mother through; whining, crying, pouting, and back-talking. According to you, YOU are the boss, YOU are the mommy, YOU don’t want dinner, YOU want snacks, YOU want the dog away from you, YOU want mommy to do it, no, YOU want daddy to do it. I can’t keep up!!!

The other night your daddy and I got a good laugh, at your expense. You were in one of your whiny moments….more like hours…and I told you it was time to get your pajamas on. I asked you nicely if you would go “potty” so we could get ready for bed and you burst into tears. You were a sobbing mess! You went into your bathroom where you continued to sob uncontrollably. I walked into the bathroom and you starting crying about how you wanted “a Dora one!” You were sitting on the Diego potty seat that you never use when you decided that it was too much to sit on Diego, you wanted Dora! I calmly attempted to explain to you that YOU picked out the Diego seat and that we weren’t going to the store to get a Dora one. You cried harder.

After the snot had been smeared across your face and the tears had soaked through your little shirt, I did what parents do…but aren’t supposed to do…and told you we would go buy a Dora seat in the morning. “No!! I want the Dora seat now!!! Not tomorrow, nowwwww!,” you cried. I pointed out the window and said, “Look! It’s dark outside. The stores are closed. We have to wait until the morning.” And all of the sudden the tears stopped and you looked me straight in the eyes and said, “We go to Target tomorrow, right?” I had to hold back from laughing, but I agreed. The next day you completely forgot all about it…. Moment of insanity??

On Sunday night, you up and decided that it was time to go get French Fries; you’re favorite food group. I guess I’ve told you a few times “Mommy doesn’t have any money,” because you pulled your piggy bank into the living room and started going through it. When you had fished out a dollar you handed it to me and said, “I want French Fries. Let’s walk!” You ran and grabbed your shoes and looked at me like I should be just as excited as you. I was giggling (inside)! I threw on my shoes and there we went…down the street to McDonald’s. I’m sure your great-grandma will love to hear that the money I’m supposed to be stashing in the bank for your education is going to McDonald’s!

Yesterday you stayed home from daycare with your dad and apparently it was a long day. You have this thing about eating. It’s not that you don’t eat, just simply that you’re on the SNACK diet. YOU wanted “chippies” for breakfast, you settled for a Pop-Tart (not much better). YOU wanted Goldfish crackers 5 minutes later and your dad suggested an apple. Normally the thought of an apple would have you doing back-flips over the couch, but you wanted nothing to do with it and proceeded to fight him for 45-minutes. After you did your time in lock-up (aka your bedroom) you were ready to say sorry…only to ask and get turned down for cookies 2-mintues later. This was the routine ALL day. My rough day at work was so worth it!!!

Though these moments put mommy and daddy into sweating fits, nonetheless we both silently wish there was a video camera taping every moment. Not only for damaging evidence to use against you when you're older, but as a constant reminder of how damn cute you are even when we want to scream SHUUUUUUUTTTT UUUPPPPPP!