Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mix Up

Okay....for awhile I was managing 3 seperate blogs and I just recently brought it down to 2. The blog I deleted was called "Parents Cause Damage" and it was basically a means for me to vent my frustrations in regards to my family. It was theraputic, but I kept finding myself debating which blog I was going to update....I didn't have time for all three.

Besides this site (and the one I deleted) I have a family site. I'm doing it for two journal and to share with our friends and family. The journaling is necessary because accroding my daughter's scrapbook, she's still in in the hospital!

Well on my family site and my now deleted site, I had discussed my sister. I have not seen her since she was 1 year-old, and now 16 years later I've tracked her down. So if you're confused by the previous on the link below and it will explain everything.

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