Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I just got back from another therapy appointment, and like all of my sessions I feel great afterwards.

Today's session was extremely good in that we discussed my progression in dealing with my anger issues....and noticing my anxiety issues before they take over.

Having someone notice my progression has allowed me to validate it too.

Though I had a bad day the other day, I felt it coming on and knew that I needed to do something to not allow it to consume me.

As far as therapy sessions, I had always invisioned that they would be entirely of me crying my eyes out....and this hasn't been the case!! I seriously have cried ONCE....and it was mainly to do with talking about emotional things when I wasn't feeling well. I'm a cry baby when I don't feel good! I never imagined that I would feel good after a session...I always thought they'd make me confront the people that were causing me the anquish, therefore causing a family nightmare....and then more stress.

Instead I'm learning how to listen to myself, and slow down and take control of the situations that normally cause me anxiety.

I'm far from OKAY, but today I really feel as though I'm on my way to a healthier mental life.

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