Thursday, November 30, 2006

Phoebe's Name Change

Okay so Phoebe is far from a common name...and seriously after "Friends" who would really name their child that? She was a fun character to watch, but I wouldn't want my own children named after her! I like the name Monica but wouldn't use the name either....she'd be noradic!

When you pick a name for your child it has to have TWO things... the name can't remind you of someone that you can't stand or relate to a bad memory. For me, I could never name my son Paul....not that I like the name anyway, but the one person I can say I truly say I hated in high school was a guy named Paul. He was incredibly mean to mean, however it wasn't as if he was sooooo cool himself. I wasn't a geek or anything, but I wasn't hanging out with the "A" crowd either. A girl's name that sticks out is Heather...well, and Jamie. Heather was a girl that was just the biggest snot ever...and Jamie was a girl that I got into a fist fight with at a girl's basketball game.

So with that said....why would someone name their kid BeBe?? It may be a cultural thing or it may just be a crazy name, I don't know. The thing is a few days ago I had to track down a company in California to do some work for work...and I tracked down a person I thought was PHOEBE. She had agreed to help us out and gave me all of her contact information. When she gave me her email address I didn't think twice when I heard, "pwaxx@..." I thought her name was Phoebe!

For the last two days I've been emailing her without a response. I was seriously thinking, "What a bitch!" As I'm sure you've already figured out, I had it all wrong...her name is BeBe! I was emailing "pwaxx@..." when it should have been "bwaxx@..."

Now if you had an abnormal name like that would't you go out of your way to be 100% sure the person on the other end of the conversation totally was in the know?? I had a difficult to spell last name growing up and I learned to spell it out for e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e. ! Not only did I spell it, but I made sure I paused at the right time and said things like, "F" as in they didn't substitute "S" instead.

So with that....if you're name is out of the ordinary, please be kind and make sure everyone else has got your name right !!!

Thank you.

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Paige said...

FYI that word is spelled "neurotic." And many people love the name Phoebe - go on and check out the message boards. Furthermore, studies have shown that mothers who give their children names with unconventional spellings, such as the "creative" way you spelled Mackenzie, usually have fewer years of education that mothers who opt for a more traditional route. The same goes for trendy names, of which Mackenzie is definitely one since it has very little history as a name yet is suddenly quite popular. Just read Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner. At any rate I do not think you should be so critical of people who give their children names that are shared by a TV character, since most peoples' names can be found on TV. Why do you not associate Phoebe with Catcher in the Rye or Shakespeare? Maybe you should watch less TV!