Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Reasons To Have Children

There are reasons to have children, and reasons my not to have children. The reason I wanted children was confirmed last night as my husband and I took MacKenzy trick-or-treating.

First I must explain that she was the most impossible child to get out of the house last night. She faught us on everything! Jason got to the point he said that we were staying home! I refused to do such a thing and I tackled her myself. Once we were out the door she was a completely different child!

The first house we went to was directly across the street. Our neighbors opened the door and MacKenzy mummbled "Trick-or-Treat." They dumped enough candy for four kids into her bucket and with a huge smile on her face she said, "Thank You!" As we walked away the light baulb turned on, "Mommy! Candy!" We walked to the next neighbor's house and she knew exactly what to do, "Mommy, ding-dong!" She couldn't reach the doorbell!

We only did about 8 houses, but it was the most adorable thing in the world. I had imagined that she would turn on the shy girl button and not want to go to the doors by herself. I was very wrong...I guess I underestimated the power of candy! She marched up to each door like she was on a mission. If she couldn't reach the door bell she'd scream, "Ding Dong Mommy!" and I'd have to run up and press the doorbell. If they had windows surrounding the door she would stand in them and check out the house. I kept having to pull her out of the weird is that, you look at the door and there's Elmo puking out a little blonde girl's head!

The most exciting place was our neighbor Jackie's house. Jackie has a dog named Lucy and I had put together a bag of dog treats for her. MacKenzy marched up to the door and since it was already open, she walked right in. She wanted to say hi to Jackie's two cats! She then proceeded to hand Lucy (the dog) her treats! When Jackie took them from her, MacKenzy had to remind Jackie that the treats weren't for her! "Treats for Lucy!"

The entire night was like a passage from a baby to a child....or something like that! She showed her independence and it made he look at her in ahh. When we were back at our house she insisted on handing out the candy to the kids that came to the door. Some of these kids had on scary masks and it didn't phase her one bit.

Watching life unfold before you through the eyes of a child; that's why a person should have a child. Seeing them experience things for the first time grounds you and shows you the important things in life. Though it's scary to watch them grow so fast, its fun to watch them go from a helpless baby to a logical thinking person (not that she's quite there yet). It's just amazing to witness life!

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