Friday, November 10, 2006

The Blah Days

Last night I did something I rarely ever do and went shopping for MYSELF. I have a little money in my Lia Sophia account, so I decided I needed some new shoes and maybe even a new pair of work pants.

The shoes I had on yesterday are well over 3 years old. They were simple black loafer-type shoes. I wore them serving tables, and have worn them for everything else since. They are comfortable and easy to slip on and kick off. When I was in the hospital with MacKenzy our dog Abby ate the plaster off a wall, and chewed on my shoes. We didn't have the money for me to buy new ones, so I wore them! They were tattered, but not obviously chewed.
This Spring our current dog, Ozzy the spawn of satan, decided to snack on my shoes too. I caught him in time so that they were still "okay."

Yesterday my Lia Sophia commission check was deposited into my account...and I made my way to the store for SHOES! I only tried on ONE pair...and bought them in black and brown. When I got home I noticed that my new shoes were the exact same pair I bought 3+ years ago! I didn't even realize it because the original pair are so worn! Guess I like that shoe!

My old brown shoes will be going into the garbage...they are from 1997 when I was in college! Time to go! Now for the black ones....they might stick around for awhile. They're great for throwing on and running here and there. I don't need to trash my new one's any sooner than they need to be.

So yes, I'm over the moon about new shoes........I'm a girl!

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