Monday, November 27, 2006

Complete Hell

Attitude, Just Like Mama

This will be MacKenzy's third Christmas and each year we have made a visit to see Santa. We don't visit just any ol' mall Santa, we take her to Bachman's in south Minneapolis. Not a lot of people are aware of Bachman's annual display, so it's not crazy busy and it's not so commercialized. In the midst of their large greenhouse/store they have a stage set for Santa's Workshop. The gentleman that plays Santa is by far the most original looking Santa I have ever seen! From the beard to the rosey cheeks, they're all his own!

After the skit the kids line up to meet Santa. Unlike the mall Santa's, Bachman's has not brought in their own photographer to take shitty, overpriced photos! For MacKenzy's first Christmas we got a cute one of Santa holding her. (if I can find it, I"ll post it). Last year she wanted nothing to do with him, so the one picture we did get was of her hiding her face while I held her. This year...well it was a repeat. Thankfully the rest of the store is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!

Last year's Christmas card was of her in her Christmas dress, sitting on a pretty bench in front of their Poinsettia tree. They have pots and pots of Poinsettias in the shape of 40'+ Christmas tree. Many many people asked us where we had the picture taken, and when we said that Jason took it they were stunned. This year we did snap one good photo of her but it's far too similar to last year's...or so I think.

Sweet & Innocent
Each year I look forward to going to Bachman's and each year we've had a really nice time...which was not the case this year.

Her "Staged" Smile

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