Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!

Whether or not you like country music you have more than likely heard of Carrie Underwood... yes, from American Idol. I haven't ever listened to her CD but every song she has released has been a good one. My favorite has to be "Before He Cheats."

Saturday night I brought in the New Year with Carrie Underwood! Mystic Lake Casino/Hotel in Prior Lake, MN had two shows on New Year's Eve. The first show was sold to the public, but the second was a VIP performance for high rollers. I'm far from a high roller, I can't even tell you the last time I gave them anything!...but knowing the right people got me in! In like Flynn that is!!!! 7th row seats! To make it even better, the 7th row was up two stairs from the previous 6 rows so I didn't have to stretch to see around the person in front of me.

Carrie Underwood is probably the best vocal performer I've seen in a really long time. Her voice was identical to her recorded voice...in otherwords she didn't suck like some people do! And no, she wasn't lip synching! That girl has a serious set of lungs! Beside her songs from her only album, she sang two Guns-N-Roses songs. Now I know it's hard to believe that a girl, much less a country girl, could sing "Sweet Child of Mine," but she serioulsy hit it like she owned it! I was amazed, really!

This was a big night out for me, I can't remember the last time we've "gone out" for New Year's. Normally we go to our friends' and we hang out while playing games. It was our same group of friends that went to the concert, but the venue was far more exciting!

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