Friday, January 12, 2007

What's your stick of butter moment?

There's a commercial for the YMCA (not sure if it's a national or regional commercial) that makes my stomach curl each time I see it:

A woman is sitting on her couch watching television munching on a stick of butter. She completely devours the butter, and when she's done she actually licks the wrapper clean. Seconds later it pans back to her with one of those, "Why did I eat that?" looks.

We've all had them!

I distinctly remember a specific moment where I realized I was in the midst of a "butter" moment, and at the same time I could see a pattern. For two seasons I have watched the season finale of "Biggest Loser." Without premeditation, I have consumed very cheesy, very greasy pizza while watching the show.

I'm watching these amazing people conquer their horrible eating habits. I'm inspired by the trainers and by the sheer enjoyment of watching each person and their achievements... as the grease drips down my chin.

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