Tuesday, December 19, 2006

31 Months

Yesterday you turned 31 months. I know I should stop counting months, but each one is so different from the last- I can't help myself!

Right now you're standing beside me coloring on your new easel dry-erase board that you got from "Santa" while at Grandma and Papa's house on Sunday. We celebrated Christmas a week early because Grandma, Papa, and Uncles Mitch & Matt are going to Mexico again this year. Celebrating a week earlier is actually a lot easier on me and your daddy, but it also drags out the fun for you. You just drew an actual heart, more like a kidney but you were pretty happy to call it a heart.

In the last month you have challanged your dad and I to no end. We're still dealing with sleeping issues...if you would only sleep in your bed, the world would be a brighter place each morning! Last week I swore I was going to outlast you, and all I got was a trip to the Chiropractor. For a full 30-minutes I stood outside your bedroom door waiting for you to step outside your room. When you did, I picked you up and put you back in your bed without saying a word. It broke my heart and maybe a little giggle each time you had a plea,

"Mama I'm Happy!"
"Mama I'm Beary Happy!"
"Mama I Cry No More, k?"
At one point you grabbed my hand and said, "Let's Talk" and you took my hand and led me to the staircase... just as I had done to you only 40-minutes earlier.
No matter how bad I wanted to give in, I knew that if I let you win I'd never hear the end of it from your dad. After a half-hour your dad took over standing guard at your door. Within 15-minutes you were fast asleep in his arms. You were physcially exhausted.
Watching the wonders of the Christmas Holiday through your eyes is exactly what makes life worth living. You gasp at the sight of Christmas lights, and when you see anything remotely Christmas-like you shout, "Christmas!"
I can't wait for Christmas...you are going to be so much fun to watch.

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