Thursday, January 11, 2007


Okay so I'm sure people don't want to hear about my kid and all of the amazing things she does on a regular basis...but see sometimes the things she pulls are so funny that I need to share them! I don't care you if you don't laugh as long as I am while writing about it!

Okay so right after Christmas we were in Target picking up some gear for my iPod. MacKenzy hates to shop with a passion...a lot like her mommy! To keep her from taking off or throwing a tantrum I usually have to keep moving and keep her interested. That particular day we were right by the card section of the store when she saw a Diego bithday card (Dora the Explorer's cousin...ugh). She grabbed it and said, "For me, please?" Laughing under my breath I told her that she had plenty of new toys at home and that Diego had to stay at the store. "No! Diego go Kenzy's house!"

Creative thinking had to work..."Do you have any money to buy Diego? Mommy doesn't have any money."

"I have money mama!" She stuck her hand down in her pocket and looked as if she was pulling out a handful of lint. I put my hand out as she placed absolutely nothing into my hand; pretend money! Holding back my laughter I told her that she didn't have enough, "Diego is a hundred dollars." Her face scrunched up while she contimplated how to get more "money."

Like any smart child she ran to her unknowing father and asked him for "hun-red monies Daddy?" And what's his response? "Ask your Mom."

She comes back and whines that her Daddy said no, and she stuffed the card back into it's slot and walked away with a fat bottom lip.

My husband then came to me and asked why she wanted a hundred 'monies' and I told him the the end he chuckled, "the 'go ask your Mom' strategy really does work! Sweet!"

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