Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Fear of Santa

MacKenzy talks a big game when people ask her if she's told Santa what she wants for Christmas. She will say that she asked for "Dora presents!" Her actual response to the jolly old man was to glare at the floor while burning signs of the devil into floor. So far all of her photos with Santa and the Easter Bunny have included one or both of us.

Why do we subject ourselves, not to mention the kids, to this misery? It's not funny while we're standing in line for two hours watching each and every kid in front of you wig out! You know you're kid isn't going to be any different, yet we wait.

Hence! The reason we don't go to the mall Santa, but to Bachman's where there are floral displays so there is still chance of a good Christmas card shot! Their Santa is awesome, but until she thinks he's a cool guy we'll be sticking to the other displays!

The following shots are for your humor, not to mention my own. I found them on a site that strictly posts 'freaked out by Santa' shots. What's funny to me is actually looking at Santa, not the kids!

There's SUCKER Santa....some poor old man thought it would be fun to play Santa and look what he gets for it!

Gumpy Santa: I'm surprised the kids in this photo aren't screaming their heads off with this guy! He looks like he could use a nap.

Criminal Santa: This guy looks like he should be in a police line-up.

Maybe this is his disguise!

The evil Santa: I'm crying too!

There's Strung Out Santa: GET OFF THE CRACK SANTA!

Can't forget Elephantitus Santa!

Crying Santa: He's looking for a new gig!

And then the REAL Santa!

Only the REAL Santa could laugh with his lap full of screaming children!


verybusylady said...

I am rolling off my computer chair-that is too funny! What a great way to start my morning.

Carmelina said...

These pictures are great. Any chance I could interview you for a story I'm writing about kids who have/had a fear of Santa? Y