Thursday, July 20, 2006

Too Much Fun

By the time we were done golfing, ceremonies were held, and beers had been drunk...I wasn't feeling any pain.

Jon, a loan officer, invited everyone over to his house to swim and hot tub.

Let's just say I made an impression...good or bad, I'm not certain.

For a brief second I considered going next door to Jess' house to barrow a swim suit, but my very next thought was to dive into the pool. A couple seconds I was joined in the pool by Chris and Louise...though they had on swimming trunks.

I have cuts and bruises today that I have NO idea how I got them, other than it was probably related to the diving contest we were having. It was nothing to do with grace and ability, and everything to do with being the most creative moran to hurt yourself entering the water.

Once we wore ourselves out we hung out in the hot tub. Around 10pm I felt well enough to drive home, though no one believes me. I was FINE! I would never drive drunk!

When I came into work today I got some interesting smirks. I look like worse than I feel!

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