Monday, July 10, 2006

Shrink 101

Today I had my very first visit with a shrink. Over the last 6 months I haven't felt like myself, more or less I'm always tired and I don't have the motivation I need to get through the day. When I found myself dreading to be alone with my daughter is when it really hit me. I absolutely love Grayce to pieces and I can't imagine life without her, but why would I not want to be alone with her? The main reason was that I just didn't have the energy!

Six weeks ago I went to my Nurse Practioner and I brought up how I didn't feel as though my anxiety meds were working any longer. Yes life with building a new house is hell and potty-training a dog and 2-year old is even I had every reason to be wiggin' out! She asked me to go see the Psychiatrist to have him re-evaluate my medications.

Today is day one of the rest of my sane life...or is it? I want it to we'll see.

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