Thursday, July 20, 2006

Prozac Mommy Had Fun Last Night!

Yesterday our company had an office outting. Last month we had to pick an event: golfing or spending the day out on the very lake our boat is parked on. Though I've always been a horrible golfer I decided to go that route.

At the lunch we found out who our teams were made up of. I had been begging the people in charge to PLEASE put me with my boss. I really needed to be with someone that would laugh WITH me at my golfing abilities rather than be humilated with people that I wasn't comfortable with. By total luck of the draw my wish was granted. Jess and I were partners and then Louise and Luke were our other teammates.

If anyone would have told me that I'd have fun golfing in the rain with co-workers I would have called them insane. Holy shit was I wrong! Just before our 12:30 tee time the clouds parted and we were able to get going. It did sprinkle once and awhile, but not until we were almost done did it really get bad again.

I seriously laughed so hard that my ribs hurt today...and not the same hurt you get from using certain muscles that you haven't used in the last decade! We couldn't have put a more fun group together intentionally! We were the perfect fit!

Louise is an avid golfer, Jess golfs now and again through out the season, Luke last golfed at the last company golf outting last year, and I haven't golfed since before I was 4+ years ago. For a great golfer Louise was extremely encouraging and fun about the bad golfing skills. He was there for a fun time too! Jess was getting pissed because she kept topping her ball and driving 10'-20'. Luke could get great distance, but onto other fareways! I on the otherhand was the surprise of the day...I was giving Louise a run for his money. Since it was a scramble we worked together as a team, but it was always fun too see who had the best drives and puts.

I think I lost 2 balls all day...2 balls! There was a time I would have gone through all of mine, and yours, before calling it quits!

The best part of the day was all about Luke. I didn't know Luke before yesterday. I've seen him around, but never knew who he was. He's a job sup so we don't have any reason to know one another. Luke is the type of guy that can hang out with anyone and enjoy himself. Very easy going and very funny! We had started the day on the 16th hole, and at the 1st hole he made a name for himself: Swamp Ass!

All four of us tee'd off, Louise having the furthest drive and Luke the shortest. Though we weren't supposed to be driving on the grass (because of the massive amounts of rain we had just had) Louise proceeded to drive down the fareway to get Luke's ball. Smack dab in the middle of the fareway Luke ran from the cart to get his ball. No one saw it coming, but everyone sure enjoyed the moment. Luke hit an extrememly wet part of the grass and lost his footing. In slow motion everyone saw his feet go up in the air. With a huge splash he crashed to the ground. Had he been hurt we would of all looked like complete asses because before we even saw his reaction everyone in the line of site were screaming in laughter.

Luke actually named himself Swamp Ass. On his next drive he was commentating his own play, "And Swamp Ass is using his 7 iron..." I don't remember ever laughing that hard!

So after a great round of golf, which is still beyond me, we went into the clubhouse for a few more beers and snacks. After everyone else finished we had an awards ceremony. When Luke won his door prize we were happy to share his new name with the entire company!

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