Saturday, July 14, 2007

It's been awhile

Life has been a complete whirlwind the last few months, so now that I see the light at the end of the's whats been happening.On April 27th I was laid off, hence the whirlwind. Prior to getting laid off I had already been applying for other positions knowing that a lay off was possible...boy did I hit that nail on the head! It is now July 14th and the light has started to shine. THANK YOU GOD!

There isn't exactly a shortage of jobs to apply for "out there," but there are a lot of people applying for them! One of the first positions I applied for was for the City of Prior Lake. A simple position brought in almost 80 applications for ONE position! For my own self-esteem I won't list the novel of applications I've submited.

In April, prior to the lay off, I applied for a position at an area hospital. It was a position that I desperately wanted but refused to get my hopes up. Several weeks, mid-June, I finally got an interview! A few weeks after that I got a phone message stating that they had in fact filled the position, but really wanted to have me on their team "so please continue to apply." Apparently an internal candidate applied at the last minute, and since it's a union position they are required to hire within first. I was bummed, but it was nice to hear that they actually did want to hire me!

Then last Monday I got another call...they offered me the position! I didn't ask questions I was too damn excited. The position is a 2nd shift (2p-11p) and that's where the red flags went up...there is no way we could work our schedules around that! I talked it over with Jason and he knew how bad I wanted it, but also kept reality in check. I asked to speak to someone in regards to how the position was scheduled out, and finally received her call on Thursday.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday I spoke to the people at one of the temp agencies that was trying to line me up with a permanent full-time position. I explained that I had my dream job offer on the table with some scheduling issues. I explained that I was still interested in the position they had been working on for me, but needed to get the ball rolling! I didn't want to tell the hospital NO and then have the other position fall through as well!!! On Friday I had a 10am first interview that went really well that I was called back to come in for a 2nd interview at 2pm the same day! The President of the company wanted to interview me but would be out of town on a business trip after Friday. I ended up meeting with him and the CFO of the company. They knew I had another offer and things needed to happen quickly. They asked if I could hold the others off until Monday morning, and said they could let me know Monday morning. If I'm not offered the position I will be completely lost for words. Monday will be the big day...I will be telling someone Yes...just hope that it's the one that will work best for everyone.

Cross your fingers for me....

Since my last entry we've done quite a bit. MacKenzy's third birthday party, my 30th birthday, a couple trips to the beach, the zoo, and boating on the lake. I'm the psuedo "SAHM". I would get up early each morning to apply for jobs like crazy on the web, and then after lunch I would take MacKenzy out to various places. She still goes to daycare on occassion, she needs that interaction with the other children...and the structure that she's used to. Ozzy got to go to the dog park a few we've bonded a bit. But most of all my face was in front of a computer screen doing everything I could to find a damn job!

This next week I will post pictures from things we've done...but right now it's late and I need to go to bed!Hope all of you are having a nice summer...and for those of you in MN, try and keep cool this week!! It's going to be a rough one!

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Good Luck- my fingers are crossed!