Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Right now I'm sitting at my desk (yes, my desk! I got a job!) trying to eat the chewiest bread stick in my life! They are left over from yesterday, and I'm too lazy to go get something else...though leaving the office for awhile would break up the day.

So yes, I'm working and really enjoying myself...using my brain again. I took the "other" job, not the hospital position. Though I was sad about having to turn them down, this job has some incredible potential. I'm working for another builder. Some would think that that is a bad idea, with the market and all, but this company has actually stayed pretty steady during the downward spiral we call a real estate market. It's a corporation rather than a Mom & Pop organization, which is what I worked for prior to being laid off.

I've managed to take a gigantic leap up the corporate ladder which is incredibly unexpected considering I went through a temp agency! I was the only person interviewed for the position that had any kind of construction background, and that was the winner right there.

What I'm doing now actually is nothing like what I have experience in, but since I understand how the construction world runs I'm grasping everything faster than I thought I would. In my current position I am one of two Operations Administrators. What the hell is that? My question exactly!!! Myself and another girl, that has been doing the job for almost 4 yrs., are the go-between the guys in the field and the office. We pull the plans, surveys, and permits and get them out to the guys. We are also in charge of monitoring the stages of the building process- dig dates, frame dates, etc. This is where I definitely have a lot of learning to do! Lastly we work with the division President in advising him on the status of projects or communities. I don't think I've ever been in a position where I can make "recommendations" to the President (of anything) that dates should be pushed and/or about someone's job performance.

Home life is getting easier because we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're hurting pretty bad since I wasn't working for so long, but being that I'm getting paid much better in this position than in my last it shouldn't take too long for us to get caught up.

I have been meaning to post pictures but seriously I haven't had the time! When I do have the time MacKenzy wants to sit on my lap and play "Elmo" on the Sesame Street website. Ugh. I've been taking pictures like crazy, but even so much as getting them downloaded seems to be quite a task.

Well, I hope to get back to updating more often. I miss writing. I know my life doesn't interest anyone really, but writing about it puts things into perspective.

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verybusylady said...

So happy to hear that the light is near- and hey, I like reading about your life! ;-)