Monday, April 02, 2007

Meeting Postponed

I was to have finally met my little sister this weekend, and it didn’t work out as planned. Both of us disappointed, but we weren’t in control of the situation. When Marki finally told her mom that we had been talking online her mom was extremely surprised but didn’t shoot down any request to meet me. Even though Marki and her mom have a sour relationship, she asked her mom to join her in meeting me. Her mother obliged and I was to give her mom a call to set it up.

Marki gave me her number and I called immediately, but got her voicemail. I basically said, “Hi Tami, this is Amy. Marki asked that I call you to set things up, please call me when you get this.” Hours later I called again, no answer. Everyday last week I left her at least one message with no response. As Friday night drew near my hope for meeting on Saturday were diminished.

I got back from an ambulance call around 11:20pm Friday night when I noticed that my caller ID showed that Tami had called…just a few minutes before. ‘Who calls at 11:15pm unless they only want to talk to my voicemail,’ I thought to myself. Not to let it just go, I decided to text Tami. I didn’t want to call b/c everyone was sleeping in my house, so I simply wrote, “Hi Tami. Hoping we can still meet up tomorrow.” I went to bed after sending the message, but when I woke up the next day I had a reply. “Hey Amy. I’m sorry but Meg has a dance competition tomorrow. We need to talk.” My heart sank, What is there to say? I’m here, and I’m not going away…and your daughter wants to meet me! I sent my last text, “Please call me today.”

Well, I didn’t hear from her just as I imagined. Yesterday was Jason’s 33rd birthday, and I tried to concentrate on that. First thing this morning I opened my email to find a message from Marki apologizing for her mom. I explained that she should never apologize for your parents, and though I was disappointed I understood why her mom was avoiding me. Just as I was in the midst of replying Tami called my cell. I looked at the number in disbelief but quickly picked it up before it went into my voicemail.

The tiny voice that I remember was on the other end shaking with nerves. She apologized and I told her that I understood and that I knew she was probably a bit freaked out about the whole thing. She agreed that she was, “A bit unexpected.” I assured her that my intentions were completely innocent and that I’ve wanted to know Marki for years. I didn’t know how to explain my timing but that it was more a less a fluke. I said that I understood that she really didn’t know me anymore but that she didn’t have to worry. “Dan is actually really excited too.” She was really quiet, I did most of the talking…weird. I just kept saying how badly I’ve wanted to meet her and how I hoped she’d understand.

She said that we could figure out something this week. She said she needed to call Marki and apologize too. So now I wait…

I finished my email to Marki telling her that her mom had just called me. I asked her to take it easy on her mom, and to know that I would drop anything to make our meeting work out. Oddly tonight is the only night I have something going on…otherwise for once in my life the rest of the week is wide open.

Cross your fingers (and toes, if you can) because I’d really love for this to happen sooner rather than later…

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