Friday, April 06, 2007

Meeting My Sister...

Last night went VERY well. Prior to getting there I was a nervous, but not for meeting Marki but for seeing her mom, Tami. I had NO reason to be nervous what-so-ever! Tami was great and we basically picked up where we left off 16+ years ago.

MacKenzy took all of a minute to warm up to Marki. I brought a mini-Easter basket full of goodies for MacKenzy to give to naturally MacKenzy was pretty willing to share the treats! The place that we had dinner has a neat nature preserve right behind the restaurant. MacKenzy was glued to the windows most of the evening. Tons of birds eating, but she was distressed that the birds weren't talking to her or answering her....too many cartoons with talking animals I suppose. Just before we left the waitress came running out the bar, swept MacKenzy up in her arms and ran off.....odd. Well, there were two fawns eating about 3 feet from the window in the bar area. When MacKenzy came back she asked to go see them again, so Marki and I followed her into the bar...and it was really cool. MacKenzy's kept saying, "That's Bambi's Mommy!!"
Marki brought along pictures of her when she was younger, and I had originally brought some too but in my rush to get out the door I forgot them on the steps at home. It was really nice to put the pieces together of her childhood...and I'm sure there will be more of that in years to come.

Well, I wanted to take pictures but it was a bit awkward to say, "Hey, smile I want your picture!" As you can see from the photos attached I had Marki and MacKenzy pose together and then I jumped in for a few. I see lots of similarities in our appearance, but more so when I was younger. We have the same damn forehead, now I know for sure which side of the family to blame. Our face shapes are different, and she has the most amazing smile....and never had braces! Damn her!

All in all, it was a very nice evening. We could have sat and talked forever...and being she didn't have school today I'm sure they could have too. MacKenzy was on a sugar high from all of the I'm sure she would have been too...but good things have to come to an end.
Now that the initial meeting is out of the way...we can take it where ever it may lead. When we got home MacKenzy was going bonkers on her sugar high. Normally she would have fallen asleep in the car, but she was wide awake all the way home. She told Jason all about Bambi’s mommy and eating candy with Marki. She said, “We can go there again!”

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