Friday, September 29, 2006


Okay so all of us have had an overdraft or two...or three in our lifetime. Some of us have had three just this month, but who's counting!?!

Last night I was just falling asleep when the phone rang. I knew it was Jason so I had to answer it or he'd think we were dead! The first thing out of his mouth was, "Have you looked at our checking account lately?"

"No, why?"

"Because it's over $6,000 in the hole!"


For once in our lives we actually had a balance with mulitple thousands, and then it blows up in our face! We had an insurance claim last month and last week we finally deposited the check. For whatever reason my husband deposited it into our checking account, but then a few days later he transferred it into our savings.

The first thing I did when I got to work this morning was call Wells Fargo to see what the hell was going on! The 800 number customer service lady was very nice and sympathetic. After she reviewed the account she found that the error was the fact that I didn't endorse the check....the mortgage company did, Jason did, but I didn't. I forge Jason's name all the time, but apparently he didn't think to do that in return.

Customer service explained that insurance companies are very strict on their endorsements and this week they rejected the payment (she did mention that teller should have noticed this and refused to deposit it)....therefore pulling out $6,000 from our checking account. Mind you, the $6,000 was already transfered to our savings! Once the deduction was made checks and checkster card payments started bouncing! The bank was covering them, but charging us $33 for each overdraft. An additional $1,200 later, we're $6,200 in the negative. There's no word to explain the panic!

The customer service person said that the check was mailed to our house and that I just needed to sign it and deposit it again.........but in the meantime??? I was to contact the branch that it was deposited at and there too they were super apologetic. Apologies are nice, but money in our accounts are even better! The gal I spoke to at the branch said that they'd have to go through our account to figure out what our balance should be without the mishap...and we'd go from there.

I'm surprised that I'm not slaming anxiety drugs like candy....but I know we did nothing wrong and certianly didn't spend $6,000!!!

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