Monday, September 11, 2006

Manic Monday

I really don't want to be here today...more so than a normal Monday. I have a head cold from working outside in the yard on Saturday.

I barely sat down this weekend, so I'm really not, I have a head cold. Way to start the cold season early!

This weekend was pretty gloomy outside. Friday night we had a wedding, and lucky for them it never acutally rained. Pictures in overcast weather always look better anyway! We had a late night (that included many fruity drinks) so naturally I'm swinging the door wide open to get sick. I was rudely awaken at 6am by a cheery 2 year old wanting to WATCH NEMO! She couldn't grant me the wish of watching it in the bedroom, where I could go back to, she wanted to do it in the living room! Ugh. Within the hour she was grumpy and tired, but regardless of my attempts she would not go back to bed.

My husband got out of all this because he had to take 3 kids up to the ends of the earth. We live at the southern most point of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro Area. The place that he had to take these kids was actually a mile short of being the most northern point in the metro area. There's no way about it, it's a three hour event. He got back home just after I sucessfully put her down for a nap.

Childless for an hour plus...we decided to do yard work! Last weekend we planted all of our long overdue shrubs and flowers. We had planned on putting down "nice" mulch... meaning, not cheap stuff! The neighbors (our influence in getting our yard work done...since they only moved in a MONTH ago!) were laying the cheap stuff out of the bag and Jason looked at me and said, "Let's just do that!" We figure if it looks like crap next spring, THEN we'll spend the money. Why start high!!!??

By time we were prepped and ready to go it was after 5pm!!! Who starts their weekend yard work that late??? Well, we do... we did our planting that late too! Five hours later, we're using grill lights to put on the finishing touches.

I've wanted red mulch all along, and Jason has sworn that we need Golden. I don't like Red in every yard...but up against a green house I think it looks great! We actually faught about it a few months back. He routinely asks me what I want to do, and then when I tell him he tells me that it's all wrong. So I usually ask why he even asked me if he was going to do it his way all along!!!
Well, our selections for the "cheap" mulch were very, red, or natural. We both HATE natural only because it never looks fresh and looks as though its been there for years. Black....uh, no. Red it is! When we were finished laying it all down HE SAID IT!

Hold on....I need the build up.....drum roll please!!!!

You Were RIGHT! I Should Have Listened To You!
Even though I know he'll never admit it outside of our house, or yard, but the fact that HE knows he was WRONG and I was RIGHT...that's all that matters! I can see it, 5-6 years down the road he'll try to tell me that he wanted Red all along, and I wanted the Golden!
Even if, I got to hear those GOLDEN words!

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