Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Work Crazies

Okay, so if I've learned anything from Dooce (my favorite blog of all time) its not to blog about work...or the people at work. But its so damn hard considering I could write a sitcom based on some of the people I work with.

My good friend Cathie works in the office next door, so she fortunately doesn't have to deal with the crazies...but hears all about it. She's the one that actually joked that I should write a sitcom. We joke back and forth, but seriously it could really work if I could actually write! I know the OFFICE is already on, but I think this could be from a "Bridget Jones" type perspective.

I work with some of the most unstable people in the world; each their own way. Two of the "ladies" are just very unpredictable. One second they can be happy and laughing, and the next they'll bite your head off because you were nice enough to bring them their fax. Then there's "Christine"...

My boss and the girl who works in the next office are my saviors. When the others get to me I just email or visit them. Today Christine was sick, and drove me nuts all day. She was acting like a 5 year old that needed their mommy. A few mintues ago I vented and emailed "Cathie" next door:

Christine has a cold…and is an annoying BABY! First she tried to use my phone to pick up a call…and I jumped all over her, “Use your own phone! You’re sick!” I think I scared her! All day she’s been using Andi's computer and phone and I told Andi to get out the Clorox wipes!

I can’t count how many times she’s said that she might go home early today b/c she needs to rest. It’s flippin’ 4pm and she just said it to me AGAIN…
THEN GO!! Jesus Christ SHUT UP!

I asked her if she could draft a docment for me (I don’t know how!) and she’s like, “Oh can it wait until tomorrow…” I just answered by saying that I’d just have Sally do it instead….”no no, I’ll do it I just need to wait until she’s done with her appointment.” Why she would have to wait until she’s done with her appointment makes NO sense….Sally is NOT using her computer!

Earlier today she came up to my desk asking if I thought she should change the toner in the print because it said LOW TONER and it was printing really light. My response, “if you have to ask me, then you know the answer.”

WHAT THE F%*K!?! Only a child would ask such a dumb question!

God help us all while she’s sick because though we didn’t think she could get any more dense….she’s proving us all wrong!

Cathie said I should write a script for a sitcom with all the crap that goes on in this office.

I can see it...in a Bridget Jones way, with the absurd things that go on here! I would have endless amounts of things to write about!

I'm meant to make millions!


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