Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sick Day

I went home from work yesterday sick.

I left at 3:30, so it was only an hour and a half early.

All day I felt PREGNANT! But I'm not! I was just nauseated and wanted to puke.

When I finally had enough, I decided to go home early. Remember when you got to go home sick, and actually go to bed? That went out the door two years ago when a little "responsibility" came into the world. I had to pick my daughter up at daycare before going home. As we pulled onto our street my husband was pulling out of the garage. He was going into work and won't be home until after 10pm. Ugh!

I tried to get my daughter to lie down for a short nap, so I could just close my eyes for a few minutes. From her room I could hear, "Mamma! Out! Mamma No Nap!" After about 10 minutes I brought her into my bed, turned on Finding Nemo and took in a cat-nap or two.

My biggest fear when needing to call in sick, or go home sick is my husband. I know I'm not the only woman out there where their husband doesn't understand a thing when you're sick. I have to give him kudos though, he was very good yesterday...but that is not normal! Normally I get the sigh of disappointment. When he's really irritated by me he'll go into a rant on how he works when he's sick...blah blah blah! So when I decided to leave work yesterday I prepared myself. The entire drive home, when I wasn't thinking about pulling over to puke, I was building up my speech. It would say that it's his own fault he chooses to work when he's sick.... Then I didn't need my speech! When I'm prepared he's nice, and when I'm not he'll catch me off guard!

That takes me to another interesting fact about my husband...his cleaning abilities. Yesterday he stayed home from his part-time job to clean the house. Our house is only messy because WE LIVE THERE! When we finish our basement we'll have twice as much room, therefore we won't be so crammed for space. We're constantly picking up toys and whatever the dog has chosen to bring out of our bedroom (i.e. my underwear, my bra, a pair of boxers, etc.). When I talked to my husband he informed me that he cleaned our bedroom, the master bathroom, the kitchen and living room. He gets a big thumbs up for the living room and the bedroom, but the other two rooms illustrate exactly what I mean.

THE KITCHEN: From a glance there's nothing to be seen on the counters, well except for crumbs and some sticky "whatever." Once you actually walk into the kitchen you then notice that the little counter space between the refrigerator and the pantry is stacked high with papers. Whatever had previously made itself home on the other counters were now moved to this 2' x 1' space! Then when you actually look at the table, it’s just as nasty as it was when I left in the morning. Our daughter's sticky handprints all over the place. If you were to set your elbows (naughty!) on the table, they'd surly stick!

THE BATHROOM: I will admit, I am a slob when it comes to the bathroom. I leave stuff sitting out that could easily put in their proper place. Yesterday when I got home, the counter was completely empty and wiped down. Where did everything go? In my bank of drawers. We each have one small drawer and two deep drawers for all of our stuff. One of his big drawers is actually mine too because he didn't need it. He threw everything into the first two drawers. When I say everything I mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. This morning I was getting ready I found a sippy cup with apple juice in my drawer! So that image of him taking his arm and simply sweeping everything into the drawer was realized!
Now is it just me or does cleaning the bathroom have more to do with actually cleaning, or hiding everything? When cleaning I would expect the toilet to be scrubbed, the shower at least wiped down, and the mirrors cleaned. None of these were done. Can you say, SURFACE CLEANER!

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