Monday, June 26, 2006

Day off!

I took the day off on Friday! It was the best day to not be sitting in a freezing cold office!

My husband and I took our daughter to daycare and took our boat out on the lake (bad parents!). It's just no fun for me to take her with on the boat. While my husband drives, I have to keep her from going overboard. I just wanted to sit there and do nothing but enjoy the day.

We always drive around and dream. This particular lake has some very expensive properties on it, so we like to see what has been torn down and what has gone up. Our favorite spot on the lake was torn down last fall, and is now home to a monstrous construction site. The house going in looks awesome, but still makes us sad that the old one is gone. It was such a cute house, with a wrap-around porch. All the way around the porch were outdoor ceiling fans. It looked like the perfect place to take a nap. That's certainly our stipulation to any home on the lake. If I'm going to pay the taxes, I'm going to enjoy every bit of that house! I want to be able to nap on my porch with drink in hand!

My husband and I had a really nice time together. We actually sat there and talked like adults do. There were no phones ringing, no dogs terrorizing the child, and no child begging to be picked up. For the first time since the birth of our daughter, two years, we had down time together.

There were moments that I wanted to smack my husband though. Like all men, I'm sure, he was taking this moment is as a time to get a piece. I didn't want to start a fight, so I bit my tongue and dealt with it calmly. I wanted to say "Grow Up! We're having a nice time together and all you can think about it is getting laid!" Instead I said, "Why does this have to be about getting a piece? Can't we just have a nice time together?" He replied by saying that he was having a good time and that would make it even better! With a large frustrated sigh I said, "For you, not for me. I just want to spend time together. This is so nice, don't ruin it." End of discussion. Again I'm the bad guy, but come on! We get a couple hours together and that's all you can think about!?! I shouldn't have to point out that we were on the lake in full view of passer-bys and people on shore. No the lake wasn't really busy, but busy enough for my taste!

In the end, I ended up with a nice tan and he's lobster red. His one-track mind kept him from thinking to put on sunscreen onto his Scandinavian skin!

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