Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday...and Bub-bye 20's

Today is my 29th birthday. I'm happy nor sad about the day. The only thought running through my mind is that I only have one year left of my 20's...shouldn't I be sad? Your 20's are supposed to be your carefree days, or do I have that mixed up with your college years?

When I look at all that's happened in the last year, I'm very pleased. We moved out of apartment living and into our own house. We built a house in a small town near my hometown. It's only about 25 minutes away from where we had been living for the last 6+ years. The new town is a small town and my husband grew up in the suburbs. This is a new experience for him. I on the other hand had vowed to never return to small town life...but here I am. In the first week or two that we lived in our new house, my husband went to the local drug store. He came home laughing because they were playing polka music in the store. He couldn't get over it and told everyone he knew.
Now that warm weather is upon us I'm being to remember the nice things about living in a small town. There are always kids playing in their yards and even in the streets. The kids can play without constant parental supervision because the neighborhood is so close knit. We go for walks and everyone says hi and asks how old our black lab puppy is. They don't care if your dog goes pee on your lawn, because later in the day their dog will be doing the same on your lawn. When we're at the park other parents strike up conversation with you! I guess I can deal with this small town living after all.

Since moving into our new house we've had some financial ups and downs. Namely, money gets tight my husband gets a nervous twitch. We've been paying off some of our old debt, and in turn tightening up our cash flow. This kills him because he's a compulsive shopper. Yes, I said that "HE" is the shopper! I hate malls and stores and only go when I need to. He could spend hours inside Target or Best Buy. Me, I just want to get to the exit as fast as possible. Especially when I have a two year old in tow.

My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday...and I debated on what to say. Really, I don't want anything...I need some stuff, but want is such an unpredictable word. I want a car that was made AFTER I graduated from high school, but would prefer that it be AFTER I graduated from college. I'd like a massage, but need a few extra hours of sleep. I'd like to have a girls night out, but could settle on a movie night in.
When I said I didn't want anything for Mother's Day, that's what I got. He did give me three cards: one from him, my daughter, and the dog. I got what I asked for though so I can't complain. So with that, I didn't say what I wanted but told him to think of things that I need.

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